photographer, Natalia, CiobanuNatalia Ciobanu (en)  was born in 1989 in Moldova, Chisinau. In 2008 she has discovered photography and has realised that it will become her lifelong pursuit and passion. Natalia prefers shooting portraits. She also takes great interest in travel photography. During photo shoots Natalia aspires to natural, effortless and soulful effect while skilfully combining staging with improvisation. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge during master classes and individual lessons. Natalia’s photographs have repeatedly won prestigious international photo contests, have been displayed at worldwide exhibitions, published in magazines and are decorating various book covers.  


Наталья Чобану (ru) родилась 18 января 1989 г в Молдове, г. Кишинев. В 2008 году открыла для себя фотографию и поняла, что это станет делом и любовью всей ее жизни. Предпочитает снимать портреты и ню, а также увлекается фотографией в путешествиях. Во время создания фотографий, Наталья стремится к натуральности, естественности и душевности, умело комбинируя постановку и импровизацию на своих съемках. Она с большим энтузиазмом делится своими знаниями во время мастер-классов и индивидуальных занятий. Снимки Натальи неоднократно становились призерами и финалистами престижных международных фотоконкурсов, побывали на выставках во всем мире, публиковались в журналах и украшают обложки многих книг.




09-10.2022 Curator of Photo Exhibition «A look back. Unknown Photographer» Chisinau, Moldova

05-09.2017 Collective exhibition «Caravana Secvențe», Romania

01.2016 Personal exhibition “A Myanmar Dream”, Romania

01-02.2016 Collective exhibition at the International Photo Festival «100 wonders of the world», St. Petersburg, Russia

12.2015 Collective exhibition “Versus dar impreuna”, Romania

09.2015 Collective exhibition “The way I live”, the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg 

09.2014 Personal Exhibition “A Myanmar Dream” at Bucharest Photo Week 2014, Romania

05-06.2014 Collective exhibition “Respect for the small things», Belarus – Moldova

10.2013 Exhibition at International film, diaporama & photography festival 33’rd edition, Romania

09.2013 Personal exhibition “Insomnia”, Crimea

09.2013 Personal exhibition at­ Festival of Photography “Secvente 2013”, Romania, Ploiesti

04-09.2013 Personal exhibition “Lebellearti”, Milan, Italy

06.2012 Personal exhibition “Time Machine”, Moldova

03-05.2012 Personal exhibition “Kvartal”, Chisinau, Moldova

12.2011 Collective exhibition Photosight Russian Awards, Moscow, Russia

09.2011 Collective exhibition “Woman in Photography”, Ukraine

02.2011 Personal exhibition “My soul”, Moldova

09.2010 Personal exhibition “Там, где…”, Odessa, Ukraine

05.2008 Collective Exhibition “Through Their Eyes” Image of the Economic situation of Women from developing countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia, organized by Karat Coalition, with a photo “Impression of old age”, Warsaw, Poland




05.2023 Gold Winner London Photography Awards 2023, Portrait, Professional category

02.2016 Finalist of the contest Smithsonian, travel category

07.2015 Finalist of the contest “Environmental photographer of the year”, England

2013   3’rd place, single category Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

05.2012 2 golden medals in “Trienenberg Super Circuit, 2012”, Austria

05.2012 Winner of the contest “Family Photography”, Moldova

05.2012 Finalist of the contest “Best Photographer”, Russia

12.2011 Finalist of the contest “Photosight Russian Awards”

09.2011 Finalist of the contest “Woman in Photography”, Ukraine

09.2011 Finalist of the contest “Эпохи зримые черты”, Russia

06.2011 Silver Medal ISF (France), organized by NSFHU, Ukraine

05.2011 3-rd place in the photo-competition “Family Photo”, Moldova

05.2010 Winner of the photo-competition “Family Photo”, Moldova

01.2010 Winner of the competition “Student’s Life in Click” ATICO, Moldova

08.2008 Winner of the photo-competition “Fruit Paradise”, Moldova